I’m trying to make a component library based on &l...
# gooddata-ui
I’m trying to make a component library based on <Execute> that I can import into other projects we have, but I’m running into a problem where the
hook doesn’t work when used in one of these imported components, instead throwing an error: “IAnalyticalBackend must be defined. Either pass it as a parameter or make sure there is a BackendProvider up the component tree.” I don’t get this error when the code for these components exist within the project itself instead of in a separate library, and the place I’m putting them is within a `BackendProvider`’s scope. Is there a React Context consumer or something like that for IAnalyticalBackend that I can use? I’m trying to keep the props as simple and “Gooddata UI SDK”-like as possible and would rather avoid having to pass backend and workspace through props.
I found
and tried to wrap my export in that
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export default withBackend(TimelineChart);
but am still getting this error
actually even passing it as a prop isn’t working for me
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// App code consuming the component library, <BackendProvider> exists higher up the hierarchy.
const Sandbox = () => {
    const backend = useBackendStrict();
    const workspace = useWorkspaceStrict();
    return <div>
        <div style={{display: 'flex', flexDirection: 'row', justifyContent: 'space-evenly'}}>
            <div style={{height: '450px', width: '600px'}}><InsightView insight="aavJTU0ek5qW" /></div>
            <StackedColumnChart insightId="aavJTU0ek5qW" backend={backend} workspace={workspace} />
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// Component that needs the backend
const StackedColumnChart = ({
}: IStackedColumnChartProps) => {
    const gdAnalyticalWorkspace = backend.workspace(workspace);

export default StackedColumnChart
Hello @Evan Shen maybe there is some disconnection between your component library and the application code? Do you have
packages as peerDependencies in
in the library code? Otherwise, you may have multiple react / gooddata packages (in library vs application) and this can cause that React contexts are not properly propagated down in the component tree.
ah, I didn’t have the gooddata packages as a peer dependency. that worked, thanks!
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