Greetings, seem to be having an issue on 2nd rende...
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Greetings, seem to be having an issue on 2nd render of Angular wrapped components... on first render, they work fine... but if we navigate to another route, then the same components will not render a second time. I see this error thrown in the server console:
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skan-gd  | ts="2022-05-30 14:17:40.388" level=WARN msg="No auth context found" logger=com.gooddata.tiger.grpc.client.AuthContextClientInterceptor thread=grpc-default-executor-120 action=rpc_inject_auth_context method=tiger.ResultCacheService/get orgId=default spanId=bab98ad4f15c0d18 traceId=bab98ad4f15c0d18 userId=demo
There is no error thrown in the browser console. The ReactDOM reports that the components rendered a second time...if I had to guess I might say that somehow the auth context is missing? I think I have followed the instructions, and of course at some point on the first render the system obtained a satisfactory auth context because the components were rendered spectacularly. It's only when navigating to a different route containing the same components that they will not render a second time. For example, this route will render correctly the first time: http://localhost:4200/organization/1/overview But when navigating to this route: http://localhost:4200/organization/2/overview The components will not render. It is interesting to note, that when navigating back to the first route, the components will not render a second time. This would be blocking us, so any insight on how to work around this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I am convinced that this is an issue inside of the GoodData.UI component because the component itself renders and functions even when it fails to show data... As proof, even when the component does not show data, it shows the loading animation. What's more, when there is no data for a chart, it still renders the no data view as pictured below:
Where normally, it should show charts, and the no data view when there is no data:
Is there any type of caching going on that might prevent results from being returned without a page refresh? Everything works fine on page refresh.
And one can see, that even when the data is not displayed in the UI, the component is rendered. Here is the inspector view of the component failing with no data:
Here is the same DOM with data successfully rendered:
I wonder if there is a property/method in the
API that I could call to force the refresh?
Has anyone else experienced this in Angular?
Good ole' RTFM... can't forget that one 🙂
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Glad you were able to figure it out!
it was an emotional rollercoaster
glad your team writes helpful documentation 🙂
I'll be happy to pass this feedback along!
so much of it to digest... I just didn't read the docs for that component thoroughly
but some of this has to happen to get comfortable with the product