Hi, I have set up the gooddata community edition d...
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Hi, I have set up the gooddata community edition docker image and created a simple visualisation. I want to surface my visualisation in an angular app, so am looking at this: https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui/docs/ht_use_react_component_in_angular_2.x.html .... Looking at the documentation I cant see how I point it at my instance of gooddata (i.e http://localhost:3000/)... How do you configure that, or am I missing something lol
Hi Paul! Each GD.UI component accepts the
property (IAnalyticalBackend). You should be able to instantiate this backend using the tigerFactory() method imported from @gooddata/sdk-backend-tiger. This is where you configure the backend (i.e., http://localhost:3000). I would recommend you to use @gooddata/create-gooddata-react-app to create your first application using accelerator toolkit and surface your insight this way first. It will be a React application, not Angular; but the boilerplate will show you how it works (see backend.js, WorkspaceProvider, and BackendProvider) so that you can mimic the same setup in your Angular app. In your Angular app you will most likely omit the WorkspaceProvider and BackendProvider, and instead you will pass the workspace (string) and backend (IAnalyticalBackend) directly into your visualization's component. But the backend.js file will be super helpful for you to figure out how to correctly instantiate the backend. Let me know if this helps!
thanks i will try that 🙂