Hi, I upgraded my gooddata packages from 8.7.0 to ...
# gooddata-ui
Hi, I upgraded my gooddata packages from 8.7.0 to 8.9.0 and now I’m getting a React Intl error. I tried wrapping things in an <IntlProvider> like the error suggests but it didn’t help. Reverting back to 8.7.0 does resolve things so I was hoping someone here might have some experience with this issue.
Hello. This is basically mean that there are 2 versions of react-intl on page. So even if upgrade from 8.7 to 8.9 was done, some library or references still have hard dependency to another version of react-intl. I recommended to look into
to found if there are some multiple versions of react-intl and than use command
yarn why react-intl x.y.z
npm ls react-intl
to view from which library is old version. This can be also tight to not only one version of react-intl but also there can be more react libraries on page, but investigating is similar. Hope that this will help to solve the issue 🙂
npm ls output, doesn’t seem like a multiple versions problem:
just skimmed through my package-lock, also just that one version
hmm, i updated some other packages and now suddenly everything works
🙌 1
npm ls tree still looks the same too
no idea what happened, so sorry to any future ctrl-f’s
So maybe it can be some problem with yarn or npm cache 🙂
Still im glad that now it is ok! 🙂