Hello Guys :star: I Have a question about my dril...
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Hello Guys I Have a question about my drilldowns. When i display my entire dashboard my drilldowns appear, my dashboard is klickable but when i display one insight that is klickable from my dashboard as one Insight my insight is not klickable anymore and my drilldowns dont appear. Do the insights require further configuration? 🌟 thank you in advance 🥳
Hello Nicole! I assume that when you render your dashboard using the <Dashboard /> component then drilling works, but when you render a single insight using the <InsightView /> component then drilling is gone. Am I right? This is intended behavior since drilling on the Dashboard can drill into another insight or into another dashboard, when both would be impossible without the context of a dashboard. If you want to apply drilling on the insight rendered using the <InsightView /> component, you should do it directly in JavaScript. Look for the prop
at https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui/docs/visualization_component.html#properties. There are also a few examples about drilling on https://gdui-examples.herokuapp.com/drilling/drill-with-external-data. Hope this helps! 🙂
Hello @Jiri Zajic 🌟 that is correct, when i render a Dashboard i am using the <Dashboard /> and when i am rendering an Insight i am using the <InsightView /> component. Thank you for the Update, i will try it out and get back to you 🥳
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