I tried updating to 8.9.0 on Friday which caused m...
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I tried updating to 8.9.0 on Friday which caused my dashboard to not load at all. I kept on getting the following error, is there any obvious cause or do I need to do more digging into my codebase?
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react_devtools_backend.js:3973 Tiger backend threw an error: {detail: "Instance value ('permissions') not found in enum (possible values: 'config','all')", status: 400, traceId: '01f0cfeb8d53761c'}
I can confirm this happens to me too. @Dan Homola could you please advise? 🙂 Thank you!
Update: Same happens to me with GoodData.UI version 8.8.0. Both
<Dashboard dashboard={Md.Dashboards._1Overview} />
<Dashboard dashboard={idRef('4255cb9c-240a-434b-bdba-ea937a8c9c78')} />
result in the same error.
Some additional data points - Justin & I are not experiencing this error on 8.7.0. We updated to 8.9.0 in order to get usage of
. But this 8.9.0 causes error with Dashboard component. Please advise 🙂.
Hi, sorry for this, please see https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui/docs/supported_versions.html#compatibility-with-gooddatacn the 8.9.0 is only compatible with GoodData.CN 1.7.0 that is yet to be released 😕