I there any way to apply dynamic measures to compo...
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I there any way to apply dynamic measures to components in the DashboarView component similarly to how they are applied in this example here : https://gdui-examples.herokuapp.com/advanced/dynamic-measures
Hello Justin, do I understand correctly that your aim is to be able to add and remove measures from insights on an embedded KPI Dashboard? I'm afraid there's nothing like that available straight out of the box, but maybe you could achieve something similar by:
1️⃣ Having ready multiple dashboards where different measures are applied, and swapping between those dashboards?
2️⃣ Having multiple sections on each dashboard, each section to have a specific selection of measures applied to its charts?
3️⃣ If you're using DashboardView, you're already working with GoodData.UI and basically coding in JavaScript. You could design a completely custom solution where you would implement a JavaScript code that could alter the dashboards, or that could alter/swap insights on those dashboards accordingly.
Does any of that sound like a way to go for you? Please let me know!
I think for our use case (considering that altering the dashboard layout isnt supported when using gooddata.cn) #1 is the easiest going forward. Is there any idea if/when we would be able to change the dashboard layout in GD.CN?
Hello Justin, now I'm a bit confused. Applying dynamic measures similarly to the example isn't available out-of-the-box in neither solution (hosted SaaS, self-hosted GoodData.CN), and as far as I know it isn't on the roadmap either. The example is referring to the GoodData.UI for building custom solutions, and GoodData.UI is currently available for both hosted SaaS as well as GoodData.CN.
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by altering the dashboard layout. With KPI Dashboards (both in hosted SaaS as well as self-hosted GoodData.CN) you can change the size (both width and height) of any widget. This allows for some basic dashboard layout adjustments out-of-the-box.
We've also mentioned the DashboardView component a few times. The DashboardView component is part of the GoodData.UI SDK and allows you to replace our out-of-the-box visualizations with custom built visualizations; however it does not allow for layout alterations as far as I'm aware.
I hope this makes things at least a bit more clear. Feel free to follow-up with what exactly are you trying to achieve, I'll do my best to help.