Hi All, I have a question about how to get an accu...
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Hi All, I have a question about how to get an accurate count of records that meet the query criteria. As you can see, we get the number 347 which is a correct total without the filters applied by facility. However when I go to the filtered facility, I get the dash image result. I know for a fact this facility has some of these users in question but no matter what facility I go to I am getting nothing. Is there something I am missing here with this metric? I am using the THIS(DAY) as the date at this exact moment in my query which seems correct but may not be.
Hello Drew, this query selects the count of users from the “users” dataset where the Facility start date is on or before the current day, and the Facility end date is not specified or is missing, could you try using OR insteand? If you are still having issues, then I would start by simplifying the metric to check at which points it does not return any results.
Hi @Drew Klick, would you mind also sharing the configuration option of the headline visualisation on a dashboard? It may be possible that the widget is filtered by an unintended date dimension. You can either just “untick” the date filter or choose a different one to affect the widget. Alternatively you can use WITHOUT PF in the metric itself which may be desired for this type of calculation. If this is not the issue, we can dive deeper into either LDM or the metric definition.
@Tomas Gabik That is exactly what was causing the issue. The date filter was on even though this was a current day insight.
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