I am working on Setting up <GoodData.CN> Container...
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I am working on Setting up GoodData.CN Container Edition in Docker For Windows for internal evaluation. I've addresses the memory limits but seem to have something wrong with my disk setup. Command I used to run the container:
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docker run -e GDCN_LICENSE_KEY -i -t -p 3000:3000 -p 5432:5432 -v gd-volume:/data gooddata/gooddata-cn-ce:latest
results in the following:
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2024-03-21 19:47:42 Stage2 hook starts
2024-03-21 19:47:42 Missing or invalid GDCN_LICENSE_KEY variable
2024-03-21 19:47:42 Stage2 hook ends
2024-03-21 19:47:42 s6-rc: fatal: unable to take locks: No such file or directory
2024-03-21 19:47:42 s6-linux-init-shutdownd: warning: /run/s6/basedir/scripts/rc.shutdown exited 111
2024-03-21 19:48:08 s6-linux-init-shutdown: fatal: unable to talk to shutdownd: Operation not permitted
What am I missing here?
I'm assuming the license key issue will be resolved once I get it running and can go through the key process.
but the "unable to take locks: No such file or directory" i'm not clear on what I am missing.
Hi Paul, First thing to mention here regarding GoddData CN.CE is that from version 3.0.0, it requires a valid license key to run. Without a license key it is not possible to start CE image. Have you already reached out to your account owner in order to receive it?
That would certainly be part of it. I am the lead on this evaluation and do not believe we have an account currently. I signed up on the website. how do I go about requesting an evaluation license?
should I just message support?
I signed up for a trial via the Website, which gave me a GoodData Cloud instance...however, I need to evaluate CN and planned on using CN.CE to get started quickly in our environment where the data for my eval needs to stay.
Thank you for the additional details. This is definitely something which you need to consult with your account owner. @Oldriska Zikova Could you please contact Paul regarding this matter?
I have sent an email to Oldriska, as i found some old communication from a previous eval about 2 years ago.
@Julius Kos thanks for the quick repsonses...this Slack community and your responsiveness is a huge plus in our consideration.
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I now have a license key, and I am attempting to run the docker container using:
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docker run -e GDCN_LICENSE_KEY='key/eyJ...' -i -t -p 3000:3000 -p 5432:5432 -v gd-volume:/data gooddata/gooddata-cn-ce:latest
However, I still get the same messages and the container does not start:
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Stage2 hook starts
Missing or invalid GDCN_LICENSE_KEY variable
Stage2 hook ends
s6-rc: fatal: unable to take locks: No such file or directory
s6-linux-init-shutdownd: warning: /run/s6/basedir/scripts/rc.shutdown exited 111
The for the key is cut/pasted directly from the email and I have verified it is complete.
@Julius Kos Any recommendation?
Hey Paul, We are really sorry for your ongoing troubles here. Does the issue persist also with the version 3.6.0. run as shown below, please?
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docker run -e GDCN_LICENSE_KEY="key/xxxxx" -i -t -p 3000:3000 -p 5432:5432 -v gd-volume:/data \
In the meanwhile, I will check if there’s an option for a reprovision of your license key.
This seemed to have resolved the issue and the container started correctly for version 3.6.0
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