<@U01PBHBUN4F> That worked great. Now onto the fol...
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@Michael Ullock That worked great. Now onto the follow up question. Even while using the IFNULL and selecting "Show missing values" I have a day at the end being cut off. I should be seeing the 26th but it is hidden due to no data. How to I force this to be present? I want to always see the past 30 days which I have selected as a filter.
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Hi Drew, this has been marked as product feedback as the ifnull doesn’t create the value of the missing date here.
Possible workaround until we find better solution can be to create a dataset which contains fact with 0 value for each day of the same date dimension and add it to the original metric e.g.
select ifnull({metric/original_metric},0) + sum({fact/zero})
Such dataset can be created using SQL dataset and some function to generate date series. For example in case of PostgreSQL using following SQL:
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select date::date, 0 as zero
from generate_series(
  '1 day'::interval
) date;
That seemed to work. Thank you all for the suggestions!