Hi folks, I'm hitting what seems like a snag in th...
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Hi folks, I'm hitting what seems like a snag in the GUI, I'd love some thoughts. In using the filter tool "Metric Value:", I can't use the "not between" option, and it seems like a surprising MAQL syntax issue. See image one: using "Metric Value: > 5", works fine. See image two: using "Metric Value: < -5", works fine. See image three: using "Metric Value: Not between -5 and 5", throws the following syntax error having to do with the hyphen I'm using for negative.
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"detail": "The MAQL query='PARSE FILTER ( SELECT IFNULL({local/m_aed7a28a099c797db5e117234b6d6ac1},0) ) NOT BETWEEN -0.05 AND 0.05' could not be parsed. Character on position 89 in line 1: extraneous input '-' expecting {'bottom', 'case', 'cume_dist', 'dense_rank', 'false', 'first_value', 'if', 'last_value', 'next', 'null', 'percent_rank', 'previous', 'rank', 'report', 'row_number', 'runavg', 'runmax', 'runmin', 'runsum', 'runstdev', 'runstdevp', 'runvar', 'runvarp', 'this', 'top', 'true', 'day', 'dayofweek', 'dayofmonth', 'dayofyear', 'hour', 'hourofday', 'minute', 'minuteofhour', 'month', 'monthofyear', 'quarter', 'quarterofyear', 'year', 'week', 'weekofyear', String, '{', '(', ZERO, Natural, Real, Identifier}",
Might there be a way around this? It seems like I can't put a negative after a BETWEEN, which is surprising. I can't inject parentheses via the GUI due to text validation
Hi Daniel, When you are building your metric you can use the β€œ-” operation to define the amount of days passed usig THIS, or other time macros. When you use BETWEEN, you can define the range using β€œAND”. You can find more information on rational operators, HERE.
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Hi Daniel, I just wanted to let you know that we have identified this as an unwanted behavior. However, you can wrap negative numbers in brackets to help help achieve your results now, e.g.
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