Hello - I am trying to figure out the answers to t...
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Hello - I am trying to figure out the answers to the following questions, and could use some direction: 1. Is there a way to format a "table" visualization to add an extra "cell" on top of the columns, not linked to any data point, but just to add a label / a piece of information for a clearer reading of the report? I assume not, but wanted to double check. 2. Conditional formatting: our customer is trying to reproduce some reports they have built in excel and they are trying to see if they can apply any conditional formatting to the cells / number in gooddata (e.g. show numbers in red if below / above a certain number), so that they don't have to perform those operations manually on the CSV export. I have landed on this article (https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/dashboards-and-insights/formatting-numbers-in-insights/) but I can't seem to access this editor in our cloud product.
#1 is not possible without using custom visualization which can be developed using our React SDK and placed on dashboard as plugin.
You can format metrics conditionally. Some examples can be found intemplates which are available in metric editor.
Hi Raffaella, I’ll be happy to help here, and just to add what my colleague Jakub mentioned: 1. It’s possible to add descriptions to your insights to provide more context for your users in GoodData Cloud which might help in this case - Please see my screenshots attached. 2. For the conditional formatting, please see the following article which will help you with this, specially the section: Conditional Number Formatting https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/create-metrics/format-numbers/#FormatNumbers-ConditionalNumberFormatting
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Perfect, thank you and I will read this through!