Hi, when I use a bar chart and try to group my par...
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Hi, when I use a bar chart and try to group my parameters together and then group them by Year, all of them are visible at equal spaces, I want them to be clustered by the parameters, How can I achieve this? Also, The labels for Parameters automatically get Alphabetically ordered, but I would like to have them in the order we have been asked for, How can I make this change? I am using the GoodData Cloud Free Trial Version.
Hi @Nikita katekar, GoodData allows to cluster bars by color and group title, not by additional padding. Clustering by color and group title is already visible on your attachment. As for the ordering - custom order can be achieved using a so called sorting label. In the logical data model, you will mark how an attribute should be sorted - in this case you would introduce additional column that will tell the UI how to sort the attribute values. https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/model-data/evolve-your-model/manage-labels/#ManageLabels-SortLabels
Alright, Thank you @Tomas Muchka.