Hi, I am willing to remove select option for users...
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Hi, I am willing to remove select option for users on one of the values from a filter on my Dashboards, can someone help me on how I could achieve this? I am using the GoodData Cloud Free Trial Version.
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Hi Nikita, It is not possible to remove values only from some particular filters throughout the Workspace. If you wish to restrict data for specific years, you could achieve that by using User Data Filters. However, this would restrict the data for the whole Workspace where the filter is set and for specific users or user groups. For example, in the data filter you could use similar maql to the below:
"{label/date.year} IN (\"2021\",\"2022\")"
You can find more info in the related documentation.
Getting back to your original request, could you please confirm how important would be similar feature for you (being able to affect available values from filters throughout the workspace)? I will gladly submit a product feedback on your behalf.
Hi Julius, thank you for your response. The features are important for us, as their availability would significantly enhance user experience.
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