hi, I am also experiencing some weird behaviour us...
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hi, I am also experiencing some weird behaviour using show as % in visuals - see thread
I have a donut chart showing raw numbers
I’d prefer to present that with %s
If I use show in %
I get nonsensical numbers
the donut should obviously add up to 100% - why is that segment showing 95% when it looks like ~30%
hey Jamie, are the types unique? is it possible to break down the report and verify a tiny part to make sure the source data are correct?
this applies to the previous question too I believe it will be connected to the same root cause so I would suggest to start with the numbers and filters and once we understand the break down the % mystery will be uncovered too
@Jakub Kopecky I’m going to do testing today so will dig in a little further but yes every fact table record has a type and there are ~10 types possible as you can see from the graph. This is pretty straight-forward stuff - I’m not sure why clicking the show as % button would break it though?
@Jakub Kopecky found the issue - was a join creating unexpected duplicate IDs when I was expecting none. Thanks for the prompt to check
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Hi @Jamie Lawrie, Thanks a lot for sharing your findings with us. I am glad you found the root cause of the discrepancies!
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We are going to release a new feature called "Data profiling". If you define a primary key, it will warn you in LDM Modeler app about duplicates.