Hi all, I’m trying to connect my BigQuery platform...
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Hi all, I’m trying to connect my BigQuery platform to GoodData through a service-account, but am getting a 400 error. Anybody know how to deal with this?
Hi Ben, Could you be so kind and double-check if your user has all the necessary permissions and the right user-roles assigned, as stated in this article?
These are the roles I have assigned, that should be sufficient right?
I’ve also tested with a few other service accounts that has much broader access levels
Hi, I’m still having this issue, and would really like to test GoodData. Any idea how to solve for it?
Hi @Ben Cohen there is an issue with creating new BigQuery datasets. We are working on a fix, I will notify you once it is ready. Sorry about this. Cc @Martin Burian
Thanks for letting me know Dan!
Hi again @Ben Cohen, the fix should be live now, please try again 🙂
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