Hello! I would like to start week on Monday in the...
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Hello! I would like to start week on Monday in the whole workspace, so I changed the configuration of
to true and then I add
configuration and set it to true as well. But when I checked it in insights and analyze the weeks still start on Sunday even if I have Monday as First Day Of Week in my account preferences. What to do? 🤷‍♀️ thank you
Hi Melania, Please be aware, these settings can be overwritten on user’s level. Could you kindly navigate to your user settings by clicking on your Name in the upper right corner and selecting the Account there, please? Please click on the First Day of Week and check if it is not set to “Sunday”.
Hello Ivana, thank you for your response. First Day of Week in my personal account is set to Monday. I spoke to my collegue and he has same problem as me - his preference is set to Monday but it doesn't work so in the dashboards or insights. thank you
I see, thank you for checking this for me. Please let me test it in my environment as well and I will get back to you with my findings shortly.
Hi Melánia, we checked this one internally and tested on our environments, and pretty much duplicated what you found. The
configuration only affects the UI, at this moment (basically, the Date Picker calendar in Date filters, as in the screenshot below). As the article Change Date Format explains:
these settings only affect the user interface. The reports including sorting are still calculated using Sunday as the first day of the week.
So when building reports and insights, the sorting is still Sun-Sat. The feature only makes it easier to filter the weeks on the UI, when selecting a Static Date (again, see the screenshot). There are plans for a Community Article that will explain this configuration better, to come out in a few days. We’ll stay tuned for it and send it your way when it’s ready, so you can get all the details!