I've seen a number of references to things like: `...
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I've seen a number of references to things like:
this can only be done by a domain admin
How would you know if you were a domain admin or not?
Hi Levi, domain admin is a term from GoodData Platform product but there is also its equivalent in the GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN Product so depending on which GoodData product are you using: For GoodData Platform • Each domain has one or more domain admins who are basically superusers and can manage other users, workspace hierarchy etc. • If you are logged in to GoodData and know your domainID (basically name of your GoodData domain) , you can check whether you are a domain admin by going to (or calling an API endpoint)
https://*{hostname}*/gdc/domains/*{your domain ID}*/
If you get AuthorizationFailedException response, you are not a domain admin. If you get OK response with some links to other domain resources, you are a domain admin. • If you do not know your domain ID, you can first call
and find your domain ID in the response under
. • Once you are a domain admin, you can list all domain admins with
https://*{hostname}*/gdc/domains/*{your domain ID}*/admins
For GoodData Cloud and GoodData.CN Here the equivalent of “domain” is called “organization” and the equivalent of “domain admin” is a user with MANAGE permission to the organization. You can use the
endpoint to check which users/user groups have this permission (look for organization/permissons and a node with name value MANAGE)
Excellent. This adds some context. We are using GD Cloud
Also I see from other responses in this channel, that you are using GoodData Cloud but sometimes you were referring to GoodData Platform documentation. I understand that it might be a bit confusing especially when googling various topics and landing on different help pages. While some of the features between the product editions might overlap, some are specific to the GD Platform or GD CLoud so please make sure you are reading the proper documentation for the edition you are using. Just a small hint: GD Cloud • documentation is under https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/cloud/ • API reference is under https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/cloud/api-and-sdk/api/api_reference_all/ GD Platform • documentation is under https://help.gooddata.com/doc/ • API reference is under https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/expand-your-gooddata-platform/api-reference/ In any case if you land on some GoodData documentation page, you should see whether it is for Cloud or Platform in the top left corner just under the GoodData logo.
Absolutely. While I was searching the GD documentation as well as the good ole internet I continued to flip between the two, further confusing me on the correct path forward. Luckily @Ivana Gasparekova was able to straighten me out in that regard.
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Thank you for the responses 🤘
I see, we will let our documentation team know and try to figure out some way to make the distinction more clear.