Hello, I am building dashboards and most worked fi...
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Hello, I am building dashboards and most worked fine, but one is refusing to save. I don't know why, I've relaunched it several times, I was able to add a few graphs which were successfully saved, but then for the remaining graphs, I just get this error message - thanks for your help
Hi Jonathan, sorry to hear you’re running into problems here. I will DM you for some additional info, if you don’t mind. Thanks!
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Hello Jonathan, it seems you are hitting the limit for the size of dashboard definition. Basically, you are trying put too many objects (insights/filters ...) into one dashboard. We have set the technical limit to what we thing is reasonable, because it's not a good practice to put too much on one dashboard, as everything is loaded at once, which can greatly (negatively) impact the performance and the user experience.
Ok thanks. Strange, it worked before, I simply replicated the dashboard from a previous one
have the limits changed?
the limit is computed as number of characters in the body of an API call, so you might have been almost at the limit while using some longer identfier(s).
Nevertheless, we are planning to increase the limit substantially in the foreseeable future. (but no specific ETA yet)
ok thanks. I'll divide them into two in the meantime