Hi All :wave: , I wanted to check if there is a wa...
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Hi All šŸ‘‹ , I wanted to check if there is a way to display the list of selected filter values as a text pane without stripping-off the text... ? šŸŽÆ For e.g. in the below example, I have selected 5 countries in my filter but do not have the option to see the selected values unless I scroll down the list and find out where I have selected. It does show me that there are 5 items selected and starts showing some of the values but the text gets stripped off. Is there a way to see the values as a text pane ? Note: I can only see the selected values when I hover over the selected filters list as shown below.
Hello Shankar, Iā€™m sorry to say that this is currently not possible, but I will highlight your question internally so we can consider this for future Product releases
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