we tried this for SSO but it is not allowing to lo...
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we tried this for SSO but it is not allowing to login automatically https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui/docs/platform_sso.html Set Up Authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) · GoodData.UI Depending on whether SSO is implemented on your site, you can use one of the following to authenticate your users:
Hi Gaurav, would you mind telling us more about the issues you are having? Is there a particular part of the configuration described by the article that you are having trouble with? Is there an error message? This is a fairly complex subject, so the more we know, the better. Thank you!
yes i am getting unauthorized error and i want to perform SSO in my application and show it in iframe
please reply
please reply my work has been stuck due to this
please reply my work stuck since last day
Hi Gaurav, we will check internally and let you know. In the meantime, have you taken a look at the GD.UI instructions for setting up SSO? If I recall correctly, you are using the UI SDK to build your gooddata application. Please read through the instructions here: https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui/docs/cloudnative_integration.html#step-5-configure-authentication.
i didn't get will you please explain
Hi Gaurav, Can you please confirm what type of provider you are using PGP or SAML? Also, can you please be a bit more descriptive and let us know which steps you have taken with the documentation you have used, and where you may be having problems?