Greetings my friends. Is there any way of making ...
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Greetings my friends. Is there any way of making table cells of a report look transparent on a dashboard?
That's because I'm building a design with backgrounds and it would look nicer if the table cells doesn't have a white background.
Hi Adair, I’m afraid this is not possible out of the box. May I know which GoodData product are you using?
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I'm using TOTVS Fast Analytics. Not sure if that's the product you're meaning.
Hello Adair, Not exactly what we meant but it answers our question - you are using GD Platform. To answer you question, yes there is a way to modify the appearance of your dashboards using custom UI themes - these include colors of certain elements and support RGBA color format which includes the transparency setting. Described here. I hope this helps.
@Adair Júnior, just to clarify - the custom UI themes mentioned by Boris are only usable for the newer responsive Dashboards. If you’d still happen to use the older PixelPerfect dashboards (those where you can put images and layer the widgets on top of each other), I am afraid the custom themes are not applicable there. And if it is the case, I am afraid that unlike the other visualizations, tables can not be made transparent in PixelPerfect dashboards.