Is there any way to adjust the column height of an...
# gd-beginners
Is there any way to adjust the column height of an Insight within a dashboard so that a long column name can wrap instead of truncate? We are getting something like: “Sum of Bo…” where we’d like to see: “Sum of” “Boardings” Bonus question: Is it possible for an end user to modify a column heading in an Insight?
Hi Cliff, I’m afraid this is not possible at the moment. May I know which GoodData product are you using? Regarding your last question, the user would need to be able to edit the insight and the dashboard and save it with the new heading.
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We are using the hosted version of Good Data and we’ve embedded it as an iFrame in our product. In an Insight. Here is the Insight I’m working with, but I don’t see a place I could rename the column heading.
You can click on Sum of Passenger Boar... under Metrics and change column header. It is however not possible to wrap text and display on multiple lines.
🤦‍♂️ Not sure how I missed that. Thanks!