Hi all, I have a table called `contract_owner`. In...
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Hi all, I have a table called
. In my load configuration in the LDM, I specified "`contract_owner`" as my mapped source name. Unfortunately on AWS S3, the data load is looking for files named with
.... it does not recognise my mapping as my file is of the form
... is this a bug? I don't want to change my source file names if possible My config
Hi Dilaksha, Note that the name of the dataset on the output stage on your datasource is going to be based on the name of the dataset on the LDM (in this case, dataset.contractowner), and not the mapped name. Take a look at this article for more details. If you’d like the output stage to have the same naming convention as your mapped table, I’d recommend renaming the LDM dataset instead. We’d also like to kindly remind you to keep your questions in the same slack thread, is possible! If you have any additional details to add to them, add them as a reply on the original question, please. It is better for tracking and also for visibility for other users who might have similar issues in the future. Thank you! 🙂
Hello @Dilaksha Attanayake, if I understand correctly, then your S3 bucket contains file names without a timestamp, but the loading process searches for a filename_timestamp instead. Is this correct?
noted about keeping things in the same thread S3 bucket has correct date and timestamp, I abbreviated the names in my message how do I rename a dataset? I only can download a csv template but not rename existing dataset
I go to Load > Datasets > then no option to rename
I think I have to delete the object from the LDM, re-import it, then it allowed me to name the dataset but once created, can't change it. So sorted for now, thanks
You can rename the dataset name or even field names by doubleclicking on the them on the canvas. Note: this will not change the dataset ID.
intersting - at present my LDM has "Contract Owners" not "contractowners" but yes I will do that, thanks
This is just a visual title used in analytics UI, I doubt it should have any consequences for the data load.
ok cool, thanks for that, still figuring things out 🙂
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