Hi All, another question, my data field had date a...
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Hi All, another question, my data field had date and time "2023-04-21 030028". However, in the data model, it is identified as an ATRIBUTE. How do I make sure the data model recognizes this as a date-time field? I have other fields like "2023-04-21" which is correctly identified as date fields
Hello, the supported date formats differ based on the product you are using. • GoodData Platform - supports only date • GoodData Cloud - supports date and time Unrecognised dates are translated into attributes.
oh that is pretty sad - so no time sensitive reports can be created on GoodData platform?
You can still set this up in your LDM. There is a good article on our community HERE
yes, I don't want to convert my date time fields to just date in my data loading process. Do you mean that I can create a custom field derived from the mapped fact column ?