Hello, I am having odd issues, using gooddata-clou...
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Hello, I am having odd issues, using gooddata-cloud. I am getting an this error back
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  "title": "Bad Request",
  "status": 400,
  "detail": "A result cache error has occurred during the calculation of the result",
  "resultId": "f38dc2972eadc97443bea640d1a2cae17cf4f0ec",
  "reason": "Aggregation dimension='[attribute/business_id/0560e532d9014f35b5481508b47e9027, attribute/kpi_name/0560e532d9014f35b5481508b47e9027]' is not comparable to the dimensionality='[dataset/facebook_offline_daily_stats_view/0560e532d9014f35b5481508b47e9027]' of the subtree",
  "traceId": "3f8e8b5bb477666b"
I am confused why this error would be the case, considering I was able to select it on the frontend?
So i took out the Metric for Sum of converted revenue and that got rid of the error... but again I was able to choose it before so that is odd. Regardless, according to this LDM, I should be able to query this all at once in an insight right? Why would these metrics not align. Would appreciate some insight here 😄
Hi Jake, it looks like the elements in the Facebook kpi config dataset are not connected directly to the Facebook online daily stats view dataset. You can correct this in the maql definition of the metric by using the connection point in the Business config dataset in a BY CLAUSE
something like this? or by fact?
It would be through the Business config dataset, so something like: Select sum(converted total conversions) by business ID This will allow you to work with the attributes in the facebook kpi config dataset
so i did this but the only attributes i can use in the fb kpi config data set now is id
I added the kpi id, then i am able to see the others... but what if i don't want to expose the kpi id to users?
Could you provide the exact metric definition you are using?
There is also a great free online course in building metrics in GoodData cloud here: https://university.gooddata.com/create-visualizations
So i got a bit further with editing my LDM, but now it seems the sum() of the offline stats view will no longer show. here is my new breakdown.
the console just shows a generic 500 error and to contact support
To answer your question more directly @Joseph Heun, I am now trying to set up the LDM in a way where I do not need to make special metric to query the table, and I believe i have it with the above table config, and the UI is allowing me to select the metrics i needed as opposed to not allowing me to like before
The current state of your LDM will cause these 500 errors as the model is not optimal with this loop in its setup. You will only be able to compare aggregations of facts on the right, by attributes to the left one-dimensionally. The “BY” clause can help you make connections to datasets which aren’t directly connected to visualize your data. There is more information on the relationship of datasets HERE
So i simplified my table in an effort to understand this better by removing the link between the offline daily stats view and the business id (1st pic). Then I simply wanted to show event name (business config event table) and the offline daily stats aggregation for each of those. I was able to do this for business Name field and skip right over the business ID, so i thought I should be able to do the same here. But that isnt working, so i also tried the BY clause as you have mentioned a few times now and i have tried by event id, and event name, and even the table itself but they have not worked. I guess, in your opinion looking at my model, how would I display a sum of raw total revenue by event name (and event id)? Since the connection is direct now I assumed this would be a simple operation.
Also, if you believe I should open a support ticket and there might be a lot more going on here, let me know!! I appreciate you taking the time