Hello, Please forgive me if this is a total noob q...
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Hello, Please forgive me if this is a total noob question but here it goes! I am working on a Twilio Flex project and I put a few values into a JSON as an attribute, where [how] would I parse it?
Hello Robert, May I know what are you trying to achieve, please? Also, if you were trying to put in some code snippet in here, it probably didn’t go through for some reason.
@Robert (Rex) Beatie Can you try to repost it here, please?
Sorry I fell asleep when I was writing the question... >< been staying up late to figure this out
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So if I have some JSON Text, eg
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        "name": "John",
        "digits": [ "1","8","3" ]
        "name": "Jane",
        "digits": ["3"]
What I need to do is transform arrays of JSON objects into table format for a report. The rows should be labeled with each unique value of
and the columns should show a count of each unique value of
I am using Twilio Flex's Insights and Ive been browsing the docs but Im not seeing exactly what I am looking for yet.
I was thinking I could make a new metric using MAQL
Hi again - wow, such dedication!! Yes, your assumption about the MAQL is correct. I would use the COUNT function in combination with BY clause.
Thank you for the info and references I am looking through them right now. 🙏
I have another question. Let’s say Attribute_1 has a string that is a json value. Can MAQL traverse the JSON?
I am afraid, it doesn’t work this way. What data source are you usually using, please? Would it be possible to upload it via CSV instead?
I am using Twilio Flex and it has Insights integrated in it out of the box. It gets its data from the task (tickets) it creates. So when I set a value on a Task it will make a record.
I am afraid that you will need to contact Twilio support for more details then.
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