Hi! I have the following issue - I’ve used IFNULL ...
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Hi! I have the following issue - I’ve used IFNULL function in some of my metrics within a table report, however when I add the table within a dashboard, one particular dashboard filter cannot be applied whereas others can. I cannot omit the ifnull within the metric as it doesn’t give me the correct values so not sure what to do. Can someone help with this as cannot find the root cause of the issue? Thanks
Hi Diana, This could be because the metric is not connected in anyway to the attribute filter used on the dashboard within the workspace’s LDM. You can ensure objects are connected using the BY Clause. If the values are incorrect themselves, then the next course of action would be to Validate the Workspace for any missing values related to the metric. If you are still facing issues, could you possibly provide screenshots and more details as to what is not working specifically?