in my data model, say I have two tables, company a...
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in my data model, say I have two tables, company and site. Both has it's own attribute called "Name". Would you recommend using naming convention like "Company name" and "Site Name" in the data model? it seems in the analysis pane you only see all fields without separation? Currently I see two "name" fields
Hi Dilaksha, yes this would be the best approach - You should name them differently for a couple of reasons: team members can easily identify and distinguish between different datasets/attributes. This can improve clarity and organisation, making it easier to locate the specific datasets/attributes you need when creating reports, measures or analyses. It will also avoid confusion and minimise the chances of mistakes when creating MAQL queries.
Hello @Dilaksha Attanayake, as Michael said, it is recommended to use unique and understandable names that could by used by analytics consumers. Let me just add that you don’t need to change anything in your database. Our logical data model allows to rename a field while mapping it to the original source column.
Hey @Michael Ullock @Tomas Muchka - thanks for this, will make sure to get the logical data model nice and tidy.
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