Hello, we use GoodData as part of our Allocadia In...
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Hello, we use GoodData as part of our Allocadia Instance. I am wondering how we can create a calculated field. My use case: We track "Forecast" and "Actuals" by the month. I want to have a calculated filed that looks at Actual, if there is an amount there use that number, if empty use the amount in "Forecast". Any advice on the formula and logic we need to use?
Hi Jaime, it’s a bit hard to provide an answer without knowing your LDM, but generally speaking you are able to create computed attributes in the platform. More information can be found here: Use Computed Attributes | GoodData Free
Humm I do not have the option to create a computed attribute in GoodData
Let me reach out to my CSR at Allocadia
@Moises Morales are these computed attributes available on the cloud version yet?
Hi Hiba, Computed attributes are not avaialable in Cloud yet. You could get a similar functionality by using SQL datasets: Create SQL Datasets | GoodData Cloud. Although, please note that this is a beta feature and if you would like to implement it in your production environment, you need to consult with us the implications
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