New to learning the GoodData platform. Setting up ...
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New to learning the GoodData platform. Setting up some data...I have an Entity with a BaseValue....this is functionally both an attribute and a measure. as an attribute, I would filter to different base amounts, it would be displayed at the attribute level, other measures can be aggregated by this value. However, I can also take averages or sums of BaseValue in other contexts. I am building a Data Model file, as I have a meta-data system already in place for the structure. Can I map a field as both a Fact and an Attribute? (Running Community Edition against Snowflake)
Hi Paul, thank you for using GoodData! A Logical Data Model in GoodData has 5 main components: Datasets, Facts, Attributes, Dates and Connection Points. It is currently not possible to map a LDM object as fact and an attribute. I can suggest checking the following documentation for more details about this: Logical Data Model Components in GoodData Designing Data Models
Hi Paul, you can create two logical entities (a fact and an attribute) and map them to the same column. A warning appears in the Logical Data Modeler UI application, but you can ignore it if it is intentional "duplicate" mapping of the same column.
Perfect, thanks!