hi GD team - is there a tutorial on how to add dat...
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hi GD team - is there a tutorial on how to add dates from an existing SQL table to a pre-existing model? I have worked out how to add a new attribute to the model even after the model was published and the relationships set up, but I am struggling a bit with dates as I don't know what to put in the URN: box. For context, here's a new date I would like to add that we didn't have in this table previously:
Hello @Hesseltje van Goor I would propose to try one of the following options to add a date dimension into existing dataset. Option A Export your table into a CSV file and drop this file into the model. Update from a CSV file allows to select an existing dataset which should be modified. This functionality is currently not supported in case of modeling from databases.
Option B 1. Create a new date dimension by dragging it into the model. 2. Then connect this date into the dataset which contains the date column in your database. 3. In the load configuration tab of the dataset that contains the date column, fix the missing mapping. Map the field to a proper table column. 4. Publish your changes - a reload of data will be required.
Thank you Tomas - I will try your approach.
Tomas, your 2nd example solved the issue 100%. It also helped me realise that GD doesn't need to clone the naming in our DB precisely. Thank you for this.
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Iā€™m glad it worked according to the expectations.
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