hi guys. Proper GD noob here. I have connected GD ...
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hi guys. Proper GD noob here. I have connected GD to Google BigQuery, but I’m not seeing any materialized views the Available Data sources list. Can GD read from materialized views?
Hi Wic! did you check both "Scan table" and "Scan view"?
Hi Wic, sorry for confusing you, but it seems that you use different GoodData product (hosted). Anyway, I prepared a reproducer:
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create materialized view test_materialized
as select count(*) as count_order_lines, DATETIME_TRUNC(`date`, month) as date_moth
from `tiger_demo_e725ed8bc4b77ea8`.`order_lines`
group by DATETIME_TRUNC(`date`, month)

select * from tiger_demo_e725ed8bc4b77ea8.INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES where table_name = 'test_materialized';
. This is something we do not expect, but we can easily fix it. I have just created an internal Jira related to our on-premise product (GoodData.CN). @Andrey Skripnikov could you, please, check it in the hosted product?
Hi Jan and Wic, We don’t support materialized views on GoodData Hosted Platform currently, unfortunately. @wic verhoef if you’d have some time to spend, please tell us why using the materialized views (instead of regular table or a view) is important for you for our better understanding.
Thanks so much for the response, gentlemen. The allure of materialized views for us is that essentially it saves compute resources (being quite table-like), but with most of the advantages of normal views. It is however not something that is a biggie at the moment.
Thank you for the answer, Wic!
Hi @wic verhoef, We have released the support for materialized views for BigQuery on the Hosted Platform today. I encourage you to try it. Feel free to ping me if there is any feedback.