Hello everyone, I am a newbie using gooddata for B...
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Hello everyone, I am a newbie using gooddata for BI for the first time and i am currently challenged with adding a data source for my mongodb cluster/collections with mongo connector for BI. Anyone experienced with this? i’d really appreciate the assistance, Thanks in advance
Hi Gideon, MongoDB isn’t a supported data source. However, you can still export your data from MongoDB as a CSV and then use S3 as a datasource. Here is a great source to follow on how to integrate it with the modler: https://www.gooddata.com/blog/easiest-way-create-date-insights-multiple-csv-files-gooddata-and-its-modeler-s3-distribution/
Thanks for the response @Joseph Heun, though i found resources stating MongoDB can be connected through connect for BI, i’m just searching for any engineer who has this experience to guide me
Hi Gideon, Andrey from GoodData’s Product team here. Our current database driver is incompatible with Mongo’s BI Connector, but we are working on fixing that. We plan to release support for Mongo in the beginning of May. Please stay tuned and follow our release notes.
Thanks for the response @Andrey Skripnikov
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Hello @Gideon Agboba 👋, we have released the support for MongoDB to our hosted platform. The connection happens through MongoDB connector for BI 🙌 . https://help.gooddata.com/doc/free/en/data-integration/data-preparation-and-distribut[…]e-services/gooddata-mongodb-bi-connector-integration-details