Hey! We are using GoodData for some basic busines...
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Hey! We are using GoodData for some basic business reporting. But after longer time and lot of data here we want to change existing dataschemes. For example we have some schema and we want to extend it and add 1:N connection with any other dataschema. But its seems it works just for new data. Old one attributes are ?null?. So i check some articles in documentation how to remove data. I visited GrayPages and try to execute
DROP ALL IN {dataset.superdupertablename} CASCADE;
but nothing happens. Data are still there 😕 Any suggestions? Documentation is really quiet about some data removal.
Hi @Jiří Svěcený, You are right, some changes in Logical Data Model need you to reload the data as there might be broken referential integrity. If I understand correctly, you want to wipe the whole dataset and load it again? In that case, you have several options: 1. do a full load - doing a full load deletes all the old data and loads new data 2. it’s possible to wipe all the data in dataset using MAQL DDL - run
SYNCHRONIZE {dataset.superdupertablename};
) - basically recreates phyicial tables and drops the old ones Does any of these options work for you?
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@Boris yes, you understand me correctly. I use MAQL DDL run to synchronize data and it works! Nice!
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@Boris can i have another question? I used
command and re-upload all data from zero with S3 Datasource. But it looks like just some data are here. Iam using this naming convention:
. It was someting like 10 parts. But in Data Load tab in GoodData in log of processed file i everytime saw just first part and not part 2, 3… Also when i want to show all data from
it shows just few of them. Any ideas? For example select how many items is in table by MAQL?
can you please PM me the execution log? I’ll take a look