Hi--white label customer here. We are trying to em...
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Hi--white label customer here. We are trying to embed an iframe dashboard for public viewing (without requiring login). We went through the help docs and not seeing how. can you help?
Hi Jon! Sorry to be bearer of bad news, but generally speaking, we do not support such scenario with public access to our Analytics without any user authentication required, as per we find it bit risky from the security point of view. However, I'd be happy to double-check this with our Product Management team on your behalf and I will get back to you with more information once I hear back from them.
Hmmm that’s different than what we were told when we signed up. So there isn’t a way to show insights on a public page even?
Hi Jon, please allow me to follow up here. We have consulted this internally and currently there isn’t a way to achieve this due to security concerns, but I can certainly submit product feedback on your behalf to highlight this to our Product Team. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.
So to be clear, you are saying there isn’t any a way to share or embed insights in our app without users being logged into gooddata? This feature is what was discussed with sales and we have been told this is not only possible but is actually one of the key features that many sites across the internet use. So there is some disconnect here.
Hi Jon, allow me to step in. Sounds like a misunderstanding but I was in touch with your account owner and I believe Julie is already in touch with you on this topic. Hopefully this will be clarified. As per your question and straightforward answer. No, we do not support public access. However and maybe this is where the disconnection happened .. the typical scenario is to embed GD in your app and implement single sign on which will simplify the user experience and can make the authentication painless for day to day use.
as my colleague Moises mentioned this topic was highlighted also to our product team