is there any way to customize the date filter pres...
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is there any way to customize the date filter presets within the Analyze insights tool? Ex: Adding a custom selection such as "Last day of quarter" (not to be confused with "Last quarter" range selection which already exists)
Hello Cayce, I don’t think we have something out of the box, specially in Analytical Designer, but it might be possible to achieve via the date filter component, for example: Otherwise I would recommend utilizing a “Static period”.
May I know your use case?
Hello Moises... yeah, we already utilize the custom date options in our product UI when we use the date filter component, but we're specifically wanting to do this from within the analytical designer. The use case is to set a relative date
Last day of quarter
on an insight which will update for the current quarter automatically, without needing to manually pick the quarter end date every quarter, per insight
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