When making a request to `/api/v1/actions/workspac...
# gooddata-cn
When making a request to
with a larger payload due to thousands of "Account ID"s in the filters, we are seeing the following error (from afm exec api service):
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{"exc":"org.springframework.core.io.buffer.DataBufferLimitException: Exceeded limit on max bytes to buffer : 262144
	at org.springframework.core.io.buffer.LimitedDataBufferList.raiseLimitException(LimitedDataBufferList.java:99)
The content length we are sending is
. Is there any way for us to increase this limit? We are using GD CN 2.3.2, but migrating to 3.1.0 soon (solutions for either/both would be great)
Hello Cayce, it seems that the 256kB buffer length is a hardcoded limitation of spring framework that we are using. We looked into ways of how to increase this limit by setting some environment variables, but it doesn't seem possible. To change this we will need to make changes in our code (the scope of the changes is yet to be evaluated), which means that we wouldn't be able to back port this to previous versions. Obvious solution is shorten the payload i.e. using positive/negative filters, aggregating the filtered values into another attribute (`Account ID`s
would be assigned with value of another attribute
Account Group
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