Hello, We're running into an issue with our goodda...
# gooddata-cn
Hello, We're running into an issue with our gooddata field + filter combinations. We've been using this same combination for a while now and we haven't add a problem with it, but now we're getting a 500 error from gooddata sdk, and we're getting an error message in gooddata-cn: SORRY, WE CAN'T DISPLAY THIS INSIGHT Try applying different filters, or using different metrics or attributes. If this did not help, contact your administrator.
Hi James, Could you please provide a Trace ID? Also, have you introduced any changes in your LDM recently? When did the issue start?
'{"title":"Internal Server Error","status":500,"detail":"Server-side problem. Contact support.","traceId":"01c31fa419d7f992"}'
traceId is 01c31fa419d7f992
i don't think we've had any changes to the ldm recently. it was just reported today
actually there mightve been
im verifying with my team rn
there was an ldm change but it shouldn't affect our queries.
we have the same ldm setup in stg environment, and that one works. the gooddata-cn shows the results based off the filters
@Moises Morales, is there anything we can try to identify the underlying issue in the above. As this is a critical blocker for a deliverable, let us know if we can try anything to expedite resolution. Thanks !
@Moises Morales, we found the issue and we are good now. The backend tables had changed causing the LDM to not work as expected.
@James Lee @Sagar Sonar Sorry for the radio silence here. Unfortunately, as you are using GoodData CN, we are not able to see anything in logs at our side. However, you should be definitely able to check this traceID in the logs on your backend. Regarding the issue itself, it might be worth trying to invalidate the datasource cache. Can you please give it a try? If that doesn’t help, I would suggest to replicate the errors again with opened browser console and check what errors are exactly there.