Hi team, I am currently reviewing my Gooddata depl...
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Hi team, I am currently reviewing my Gooddata deployment in Kubernetes. It is utilizing a local Redis cache, but i'm evaluating the possibility of using an external Redis cache. However I have some question regarding the relationship between the cache connection URI and the database index, as i've already reviewed Gooddata documentation, and couldn't find explicit information about this. It is not possible to define the database index in the helm chart, I assume the default (index 0) is being used, but I cannot be sure if any other database index is going to be used. Moreover, is it possible to use users in the redis cluster, or it is not supported? Could someone clarify on how the GoodData Helm chart interprets and utilizes the cache connection URI, especially in the context of any existing database index and users? Thank you for your time.
Hi Paulo, Radek from the GoodData technical team here - let me look into this and I'll get back to you promptly 🙂
Hi, we use only db 0. Although is should be theoretically possible to add
env variable to to all respective containers that connect to Redis (via
), we didn't tested this option. Using non-default redis databases (>0) is generally discouraged and doesn't work in all redis deployments (e.g. redis cluster can use only db 0). Even the Redis author himself regrets the decision of multiple databases support (link) As far as redis users are concerned, we support just plain
AUTH password
command. Other authentication options introduced in Redis 6 (including
AUTH username password
) are not supported.
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Note: once you upgrade to latest version, Redis will disappear, we replaced it with a newer technology based on Apache Arrow Flight.
Eh, sorry for confusion, we replaced Redis only in some use cases, specifically in the case of when we cache report results. For the rest the Redis stays. The main difference is that larger data volumes are no longer stored in Redis.