Using API version 2.5.1 and am getting a 404 attem...
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Using API version 2.5.1 and am getting a 404 attempting to use
• I can run the GET command for existing visualization objects, but I cannot create a new visualization object using the api. • Has anyone run into this before?
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  "detail": "The requested endpoint does not exist or you do not have permission to access it.",
  "status": 404,
  "title": "Not Found",
  "traceId": "8197601e359ab1cb"
It seems the issue is that there is no way to create a brand new visualization object via the API? (specifically without having to post the full list of all viz objects).
Hi Patrick, It is possible, this Entity API endpoint is only available for the Cloud version. Please let me double-check this internally. Are you running into any kind of issues while executing related Declarative APIs, please? Or do you simply prefer the Entity ones?
I was hoping to be able to add/manage a single object without pulling/posting the full array of viz objects.
If you need to create viz object, you need to use POST method on
endpoint (note the missing
in the URI.
Excellent thank you. I the pluralization is what was throwing me off.