Using the python SDK to manage a user group, is th...
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Using the python SDK to manage a user group, is there a way to specify the
? It's easy to do via the REST API, but it is unclear on how to do that with the python SDK. What we need to do is set the User Group name, which is done in the attributes for the REST API.
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"data": {
        "id": "id-of-group",
        "type": "userGroup",
        "attributes": {
            "name": "Name That Shows up In UI"
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Hi Patrick, the gooddata python SDK currently doesn't support name attribute of the user groups, I will create a request for it to be added.
Thank you for confirming that!
+1 on this, I'm hitting the same issue managing configuration as code via the Python SDK and we can't name our user groups something human readable for use in the UI. The code does seem to be in the SDK codebase or at least a reference on
so assume this is coming?
Hi Cam, name attribute for user groups is not supported in Python SDK yet, but it will be added in the upcoming release. We will let you know in case anything changes with the planned fix, you can also stay tuned to it via this page:
Thank you!