Hi team GoodData! We have been really pleased with...
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Hi team GoodData! We have been really pleased with the SQL dataset feature for dynamic sorting. Got an error trace ID: 79ef5049889c84c8
We're trying to link two SQLdatasets to one analysis and seems to break it. Uncertain where to start debugging it.
Hi Eugene, happy to hear it! Now, I looked up the trace id you sent us, but didn’t find anything in our logs. Please note that if you are running GoodData CN (that is, locally), the logs will only be available on your end, so we can’t really investigate without further details! Would you kindly give us some more info about the issue? What are the steps that lead up to it, and what should be the expected behaviour? If you are able to send us an excerpt from the logs with the error you’re seeing, that’d be great too!
Do you get HTTP return code 400 or 500? If 400, you can open browser developer console and find a human readable error message. If 500, you have to find a detail error in your docker logs, you can search the logs using the traceId.
So we went down a few rabbit holes but we misunderstood how the SQL Dataset was working under the hood. The error we were getting was
We had two separate SQL Dataset tables with simple case statements that were related back to the main table causing some issues.
We ended up just putting the two queries together into one and returning the whole table back and it's working out for us so far!