Is Gooddata CN having issues? It's very slow toda...
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Is Gooddata CN having issues? It's very slow today.
Right now, it's not working at all.
Finally loaded again after a couple minutes.
Seems like it works for a bit, then just breaks.
Then repeats the cycle.
Our users are reporting problems to us internally.
Hello Michael, I presume you are referring to GoodData Cloud is that correct? I can confirm we have recently noticed some issues and we are currently investigating it. We will provide more information as soon as possible.
Possibly? We have our own postgres db, but otherwise use cloud. Is that cloud?
OK, thanks. Sounds like you guys are on it.
Is there a status page? Like
Hi Michael, you can find the status of each product, as well as any important announcements, on the page
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@Michael DeWulf We have identified the problem and it seems to be resolved now. Platform operates smoothly again.
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