Hi gooddata, We use dashboard components and are s...
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Hi gooddata, We use dashboard components and are seeing a lot of requests when rendering the dashboard. There is one endpoint that seems a bit odd: /api/v1/entities/workspaces/ws/metrics?size=250&page=0 takes more than 5 seconds every time, and much of the data there seems irrelevant for the dashboard we are rendering. A simple dashboard with 5 insights receives 250+ metrics from the workspace! Do you have any information about this? Is this correct behaviour? If so, what is the need for this when we are simply rendering the dashboard?
This looks like that, when we create more metrics we have more degraded performance. We have other WS with fewer metrics and the performance is much better. How could we put cache in this requests? or other similar option.
The problem is that it seems the dashboard (readonly) rendering waits for this request which makes the experience too slow.
Any news? Can someone provide useful information about this?
@Nuno Salgado Hello. I’ll look into this with the team responsible for the component. I understand you sent some links to my colleague Moises that have since expired. Could you do the same for me in a private message? It’d probably help understanding the scenario.