I'm trying to follow the guide at this <link> to s...
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I'm trying to follow the guide at this link to set up embedding of dashboards in our web-app. We utilize auth0 and the client/application has been created. But getting a 405 error when mapping the OIDC Settings. I attempted to utilize postman and as you can see its failing. Any ideas? (using docker community edition installed on an aws EC2, and my other APIs are working utilizing the bearer token in header)
Hi Jeffrey, Looks like you are using the “POST” method instead the “PUT” one. Could you test it with the correct method, please?
I tried POST AND PUT both return the same 405 error @Ivana Gasparekova
Sorry to hear so. Are you still stuck on the first step “The first one updates the OIDC settings of the organization.“, please? Have you set the Allowed Callback URLs and CORS as instructed in the article?
yes I am still stuck. I have configured everything in the application for Auth0 as instructed.
Ok, thanks for the confirmation. Let me check internally what else might be causing your troubles here.
thank you!
Thanks for holding on in there. It looks like the article mentions wrong (older) API endpoint, which I am really sorry for. @Patrik Braborec - could you take a look and update it accordingly, please? Please use the one below instead:
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More info can be found here. https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/2.3/manage-organization/set-up-authentication/
That helped, got a new error but i can figure this one out I think
appreciate you confirming!
actually i don't see in the guide what id is mapped against, is that something I find in the UI portal?
The “id” should correspond with the ID of your Organization. In our example, it is “alpha”: https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/1.7/administration/organization/setup-organizations/
Patric was working with “default” in his locally running GD.CN.
I am sorry for troubles, I will update the article. 🙂
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