Hi Folks, I'm unable to view the embedded Dashboar...
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Hi Folks, I'm unable to view the embedded Dashboard component in one of my environments and am getting this error. Im running GD CN 2.2 and UI-SDK 8.11. This same deployment works fine on other environments. Can I get some guidance on how to proceed with resolving it?
Query parameter 'metaInclude' is unexpected on path '/api/v1/entities/workspaces/{workspaceId}/analyticalDashboards'
Hi Sheldon, I noticed you accidentally posted the same question on two channels, so I will add my reply here as well, to make it more accessible for anyone with a similar question :)) I checked our API Reference and noticed that for GD CN 2.2 the
API does not support the
parameter. You can check this on the link https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/2.2/api-and-sdk/api/api_reference_all/#/entities/getAllEntities%40AnalyticalDashboards . This functionality was added on the most recent version (2.3). This would explain why not including the parameter will make it work. When reading our documentation, make sure to check the little drop down menu on the upper right corner of the page to ensure that you have selected your version of GoodData.CN (see the screenshot below).
Okay thank you .. but I had not upgraded to CN 2.3 in the environment that isnt working
I will double check
Is there an API that I can use to check the version quickly else will have to work with my devops team to check
@Francisco Antunes I checked and can confirm we are running CN v2.2 and not v2.3
any other thoughts on what this error may be due to?
I think we have a bit of a mix up here, so let me rephrase! In version 2.2 this parameter will not work. If that is the version you are running, than that will be the root cause of the issue. Take a second look at the API Reference for v2.2 and notice how the
parameter isn’t listed there. The solution would be to either not use this parameter at all on the API call, or to upgrade to v2.3, where the parameter is supported. Please let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help!
🎉 New note created.
My mistake there was an error in the PDM for the environment ... fixed that the same day and things got back to normal