I was about to put in a request for help with gett...
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I was about to put in a request for help with getting datasource permissions setup, but lucky me it’s very similar to Jani’s request right above this, so I simply added on to his thread, but please do still need help as well - I need members of some userGroups to be able to be given USE permission to the Datasource, and trying to update this via the /api/v1/layout/dataSources API endpoint is pain and sorrow (and not even related to the parts I changed, you can’t even PUT back the JSON you receive from GET and have it PUT without an error.)
Hello Kevin, we are looking into that. We will get back to you once we have some information for you.
Thanks Martin, appreciate it.
Hello Kevin. I understand the problem - as GET doesn’t return the secure credentials and PUT requires them, handling the user permissions for the data source is currently far from ideal if that sort of multi-tenant setup is your goal. As my colleague Robert said in Jani’s thread, we know about the need and it is in the pipeline. Using the Python SDK or some custom programmatic solution is the only thing I can think of making the process smoother at the moment.
Does the info provided cover it, or is there something we could add to help?
I have to put eyeballs on the SDK approach to this and see how that might apply - I’ll get back to you @Jan Rehanek.
Understood. I’ll keep an eye on this thread.
🎉 New note created.