Another one - I have created datasets in the chil...
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Another one - I have created datasets in the child workspace that are not present in the parent workspace. I am unable to create references between a dataset in the child workspace's LDM and a dataset in the parent workspace's LDM. Is this restriction intentional or is there a way to handle such a referential linkage in the LDM
Hi Sheldon, Please check parameter “synchronize_ldm” mentioned in this article. I believe that setting it as “diff_against_clients” would do the trick. Please let me know if you are speaking about the different type of reference.
@Ivana Gasparekova that link is for Gooddata enterprise - does it apply to Gooddata CN too?
Oh, my bad, sorry for that. Let me double-check internally what would be that best approach with GD.CN.
Hi Sheldon, It should be possible. You just need to put the parent workspace ID to the referrence identifier. Something like:
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"references": [
                      "identifier": {
                          "id": "<workspace ID>:datasetabc",
                          "type": "dataset"
                      "multivalue": true,
                      "sourceColumns": [
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thats interesting ... I will try that. Can this be added to the documentation?
it also explains why the id formats are different for datasets
thank you
yeah, that's a good point, we will review and add this where needed
🎉 New note created.