Hello! Found an interesting bug or limitation. Tes...
# gooddata-cn
Hello! Found an interesting bug or limitation. Testing one or our test workspaces from the GoodData Cloud Beta program, after increasing the size of one of our tables to approximately 7 million rows, GoodData CN starts to not show the reports or takes minutes to load them. In addition to that, it seems that the UI bugs out and starts to show weird symbols. It took about 10 minutes reloading the page until the dashboard was completely loaded and with no UI errors. It's important to note that my database returns all rows from the table in a matter of seconds. If you need access to the workspace I can provide it to you so you can execute uploadNotification endpoint and reproduce the issue.
Hi Breno, Please, are you using the hosted version of GoodData.CN - the GoodData Cloud now? Also, could you let us know what kind of database are you using, please?
Hello @Ivana Gasparekova, this demo is on GoodData Cloud. I am using a postgresql database
When the error occurs, can you please open web browser developer console and find
or failed request and send it to us?